PCTR Lake Merritt Half Day:

Date: 2010-06-12
Location: Oakland, CA
Sport: UltraRunning
Distance: 12h
Description: Each lap is 3.1 miles around Lake Merritt. The lake is the nation's largest urban saltwater lake (155 acres) and the nation's oldest wildlife preserve. 
Race Director: 

Result for 2010

John Ticer
Bob Hearn
Andrew Wong
Mary Ohren
Patrick Mccloskey
Anthony Dunnigan
Catherine Alkire
Jonathan Savage
Leslie Antonis
Ben Doar
Colleen Burke-pitts
Margaret Westlake
Jeremy Klappauf
Simone Adair
Justin White
Robert Smith
Angie Monzo
Bob Frangenberg
Stephen Adams
Monica Brennan
Carlos Castro
John Brennan
Aracely Delgadillo
Todd Wong
Amy Starr
Jon Burg
Kevin Thullbery
Kermit Cuff
Christy Baril
Stanley Ng
Georgia Young
Ron Duncan
Louis Arquie
Laura Guest
Melissa Ownby
Joe Kelso
Kay Blom
Dan Fabun
Rachel Ochoa
Lynnard Phipps
Larry Fung
William Mccarty
Ken Michal
Victor Peng
Ayami Murakami
Valerie Hower
Tan Le
Leigh Moser