Youngstown Ultra Trail Classic 50K:

Date: 2017-09-16
Location: Youngstown, OH
Sport: UltraRunning
Distance: 50k
Description: Very scenic wooded loop course around lakes and next to streams. Some rocks, roots and hills. 85% dirt trailTime limit (hours): 10. Field limit: 125. Fee-pre:$40.00. Fee-post:$50.00 after Sep 1. Synthetic T shirts, well manned and stocked aid stations. post run food. 5 1959 Lexington Ave Warren, Ohio 44485, 330-395-8760
Race Director: Bob Combs

Result for 2017

Michael Kazar
Ursula Drinko
Eric Myllyoski
Richard Clinton
Kathy Taylor
John Black
Brian Joyce
Stacie Humm
James Yuvan
Doug Meyer
Carolyn Shreck
Scot Loveland
Tj Hawk
Vern Patterson
Aimee Schilling
Tom Brugger
Ronald Ross
Roger Walker
Vincent Marino
Mark Myllyoski
Matthew Palmer
Kristen Sutcliffe
David Johnson
Paul Lefelhocz
Lucas Durig
Aneta Zeppettella
Victor Susol
Tricia Lenhart
Matthew Monsman
George Themelis
Kevin Skilsky
Amanda Debevc
Vagn Steen
Michael Schaffer
Greg Dingey
Marc Ivory
Joe Maduri