Horseshoe Trail Run:

Date: 2017-01-21
Location: Jack Brooks Park, Houston, TX
Sport: UltraRunning
Distance: 50k,25k,10k,5k
Description: Jack Brooks Park is known as the toughest mountain bike trails in Houston. Good mix of climbing, drops and windy single track in the trees. The trail consist of primarily single track with some roots and whimsical running through the made made structures for mountain biking. Expect a wild, single track and rabbit chasing adventure through the park.
Race Director: Rob Goyen

Result for 2017

Jennifer Linkenauger
Julie Dading
Todd Conner
Tyler Duffy
John Barackman
Emily Rials
Heather Russell
Charles Fisher
Lauren Welton
Kirsten Malacina
Courteney Lerch
Jr Rodriguez
Juan Acevedo
Iain Maley
John Magnotti
Brandon Peete
Juan Murillo
Shawna Myers
Thomas Ewton
John Taylor
Dustin Sandquist
Brian Cohrs
Luis Murillo
Daniel Bucci
Joshua Jones