Jarmans Invitational Marathon:

Date: 2016-08-06
Location: Jarmans Gap Road, Crozet, VA
Sport: UltraRunning
Distance: 30m
Description: The brainchild of Crozet, Virginia area ultrarunners John Andersen and Dan Spearin, the Jarmans Invitational Marathon (AKA the JIM) is run on a three-mile dirt road, Jarmans Gap Road, that ascends approximately 1,800 feet from its base at a local peach orchard to its end at the Appalachian Trail junction in Shenandoah National Park. This road is a popular training ground for many area runners as it allows them good access to the national park and provides a stiff ascent and a quad-pounding descent. John and Dan, who’ve each logged over 100 ascents of Jarmans, thought it would be fun to stage a marathon on the road so they did the math and came up with a five-lap, up-and-down course totaling just over 29 miles. Perfect for a marathon
Race Director: 

Result for 2016

Colson Williams
Michael Dubova
Matthew Thompson
Adam Watkins
Justin Faul
Sarah Schubert
Matt Wilson
Richard Kwiatkowski
Benjamin Wiese
Anna Evans
Christopher Bernard
Sonja Wilkey
Robin Watkins
Marc Griffin
Frank Gonzalez
Alexis Thomas
Kevin Corell
Justin Branson
Matthew Bond
Alissa Keith
Matt Smythe
Ryan Drewry
Gina Gilbert
Chris Mcintosh
Chris Cox
Bill Gentry
Justin Watson
Matt Christovich
Rick Blankenship
Rebecca Phalen
Joshua Harvey
Stuart Brown
Jesse Parker
Troy Campbell
Nathan Lamb
Jason Pardue
Michael Silvay
Edward Cacciapaglia
Buddy Johnson
Thomas Green