Turkey & Taturs Trail Race:

Date: 2013-11-10
Location: Tulsa, OK
Sport: UltraRunning
Distance: 50k
Description: Two loops for the 50K. Forested single track, some technical sections, no long hills, no altitude. Beautiful scenery along the Arkansas River. 
Race Director: 

Result for 2013

Terri Hayes
Mike Rives
Kathy Hoover
Polly Choate
Andrew Aguirre
Alan Schmoyer
Michele Mcgrew
Mandy Hall
Cathy Spencer
Tammy Winn
Bill Konefes
Brandon Plate
Cameron Plate
Sharon James
Paul Rejda
Leslie Driskill
Phiip Berry
Eddie James
Nathan Sigmon
Matthew Reily
Jenny Bailey
John Stanfield
Geoff Hanley
John Nobles
Jbob Jones
Chris Owens
Andrew Guthrie
Aaron Ochoa
Jacob Curley
Gia Madole
Justin Franklin