Big Bear Lake 12 Hour Trail Run:

Date: 2012-07-21
Location: Bruceton Mills, WV
Sport: UltraRunning
Distance: 12h
Description: This is a 12 hour trail run starting at 7am and going until 7pm. It is run on a 6.5 mile loop and athletes must check in on each loop. There will be a water stop at the beginning of the loop and another water stop at half way.
Race Director: 

Result for 2012

William Stroup
Gabriel Horn
Bob Wallace
Stephanie Morriss
Eugene Bruckert
Randy Andrews
Susan Jennings
Laurence Macon
Tim Moats
Alexander Stoichkov
Craig Ellis
James Work
Kim Simon
John Leonardis
Gerry Smedinghoff
Tina Mowery
Brad Miller
Tristan Rosier
John Macklen
Tina Macklen
Christopher Knodel
Johnny Macklen Jr
Joseph Phillips
Joe Cleary
Joyce Ong
Lyle Cosner
Tony Mollica
Jeff Jackson
Donn Miller
Kenny Wheeler
David Huffman
Todd Mowery
Renee Obert
Paul Jenkins
David Simmons
Steve King
Jeff Lynn
Michele Hartwig
Joe Mcquade
Miguel Perez
Kari Brown
Scott Lee
Rande Brown
Christophe Vanpouille
Mary Jane Baniak
Michael Bailey
Tom Rhine