Gax 100 miles:

Date: 2009-08-15
Location: Ystad, Sweden
Sport: UltraRunning
Distance: 100m
Description: 60 miles is run through the backcountry and woods, 40 miles on the beach, all available hills nearby will be traversed, also 50 miles option starting at night. 
Race Director: 

Result for 2009

Jan Vajhżj
Christian Nilsson
Emelie Andersson
Rikard Hallgren
Stefan Lindvall
Camilla Ringstršm
Stefan Samuelsson
Kristina PaltŽn
Staffan kerblom
Zingo Andersen
Cecilia Petersson
Ross Nugent
Stefan Boman
Fredrika Gullfot
Jan Hansson
Felix ThŸmmel
Sebastian Lauterbach
Mikkel Gormsen
Mats Magnusson
Anders Bennrup
Hans-heiko MŸller
Peter Karlsson
Charlotta Schšnsbeck
Carl-johan Robertsson
Helmut Rosieka
Urban Ljungberg
Christian Hottas
Christine Schroeder
Stefan Olsson
Esa Rotinen
Aleksy Szablicki
Stefan Erlandsson
Barbro Nilsson
Boel De Geer
Maria Thomsen
Staffan Ring
Jan Sšderkvist
Bjšrn Svensson
Jan Mortensen
Jan-erik Ramstršm
Erik Grafstršm