Big Trees Trail Run:

Date: 2012-05-06
Location: Oakland, CA
Sport: UltraRunning
Distance: 50k
Description: The event starts and finishes in Joaquin Miller Park. Take in the views of San Francisco from the Sequoia Bayview Trail then cross over into neighboring Redwood Regional Park. Towering redwoods silently spectate as runners enjoy the shade they provide along the undulating course. The redwoods share the park with the organic curves of tall eucalyptus, blending to create a true trail running experience where you may leave behind the stresses of the daily grind and enjoy the mix of solitude and camaraderie with like-minded runners. The event will leave you with a new appreciation for the gems offered in the East Bay Parks. Get more information:
Race Director: 

Result for 2012

Jr Mintz
Rachel Thaning
Carolin Botterill
Melanie Mecham
Kevin McCall
Carl Roth
Oliver Parker
Micah Nash
Dmitriy Kernasovskiy
Brian Ortell
Janice Lisle
Elan Lieber
Odette Denis
Iron Mike Schiff
Liz Bernstein
Sarah Nels
Dan Krotz
Michael Kerr
Patrick Grady
Aaron Sorensen
Mike Suto
Todd Shipman
Markus Staas
Ed Nanale
Aliisa Wright
Matt Geis
Patrick McKenna
Jon Paul Ollenberger
Myles Smythe
Frank Harmon
Mniska Lamb
Jeffrey Wright
Eduardo De La Macorra
Michael Jaschob
Eugenia Bisignani
Lili Nova-Roessig
Chris Kohne
Christina Oberg
David Cheung
Claudia Corino
Mark Lee
Kimberly Donner
Theresa Hurley
Monica Mendoza
Steve Luker
Jason Olenick
Meghan Newell
Ernestine Lee
Michelle Hines
Jackie Cook
David Farrelly
Sherilyn Tye
Amir Mahmoodi
Lawrence Callaway
Josh Newell
Melissa Mejias
Liz Forwand
Martin Boyden
Eleanor Cloutier
Clare Martin
Josiane Emorine
Eric Gras
Charles Cypher
Maraline Cronauer
Lauren Harrison
Eric Allen
Marcus Wong
Carrie Martin
Jon Ferguson
Fiona Gersh
Joseph Osha
Peter Secor
Reuben Hart
Emily Straley
Craig Klopatek
Santiago Cuenca-Romero
Bradley Evans
Erik Nylund
John Meyer
Colin Murphy
Bob Dominguez
John Straley
John Durand
Mohammad Raza
Gerri Lee
Ahmed Hassan
Ali Butt
Barbara Robben
Mustafa Ahmed
Kimberley Bean
Erin Cooney
Mahmood Ahmed
Lupe Escobar
Maria Gregg
Mike Charlton
Michelle Myers
Sue Guest
Marcella Lapriore
Kevin Hestir
Amy Royston
Denise Angelone
Hans Wolters
Sean Wormuth
Eliana Olenick
Monique Quandt-Collier
Patti Carr
Jamie Schmidt
Gisselle Holden
Noel Romo
David Angelone
Micah Hinton
Daniel Ryan
Minnie Cooper
Adrian Carvalho
Christine Lopez
Lisa Penzel
Michael Lopez
Bradford Bryon
Jason Poncy