Redwood Peak Trail Run:

Date: 2012-03-31
Location: Oakland, CA
Sport: UltraRunning
Distance: 50k
Description: The event gets underway at the Canyon Meadow staging area. Towering redwoods silently spectate as runners enjoy the shade they provide along the undulating course. The redwoods share the park with the organic curves of tall eucalyptus, blending to create a true trail running experience where you may leave behind the stresses of the daily grind and enjoy the mix of solitude and camaraderie with like-minded runners. The event will leave you with a new appreciation for the gems offered in the East Bay Parks. Get more information:
Race Director: 

Result for 2012

Bill White
Andrew Sauter
Jessica Brown
Rocky Ferraro
Andy Black
Daniel Arnold
Greg Lanctot
Erik Herman
Ricardo Balazs
Rick Orbeta
Lucas Wojciechowski
Anthony Barbero
Leigh Schmitt
Alina Thaxton
Keith Card
Juanita Rush
Dyan Bender
Kimberly Holt
Brett Lamb
Juliet Mulholland
Christine Chapon
Stephen Itano
John Colarchik
Eric Schranz
Daniel Myers
Chris Eide
John Clum
Laurin Beckhusen
Allison Alcalay
Linda Sun
Bill Carver
Alejandra Juarez
Erin Charlens
Ernestine Lee
Jacqueline Ho
Jon Fergusson
Heather Jones
Steven Ernst
David Roy
Josh McDowell
Kate Call
Ken Bleier
Dominique Loque
Chris Galdes
Benji Robinson
Andy Burnes
Christian Fitting
Gerri Lee
Kevin Hestir
Christy Hartshorne
Rachel Hogan
Mary Dearborn
Calley Mayer-Marks
Zack Schiller
Conny Mayer
Claudia Boer
Patti Carr
Noel Romo
Ryan Febus
Lisa Penzel
Ben Hartshorne
Christine Lopez
Michael Bernstein
Nicholas Footracer
Jeff Samson
Michael Lopez