Chattanooga Stage Race - Signal Mountain:

Date: 2011-06-19
Location: Chattanooga, TN
Sport: Running
Distance: 20m
Description: 3 Exciting Days of Mountainous Trail Running on the great trails and beautiful mountains surrounding. Chattanooga. 22 miles on Lookout Mountain on day one, 18
miles on Raccoon Mountain on day two and the 20 mile grand finale on Signal Mountain round out this
challenging, but attainable series. The Chattanooga Mountains Stage race benefits Wild Trails, a
local non-profit with a mission to promote the use, expansion, and protection of trails in greater
Race Director: 

Result for 2011

Lisa Tew
Matthew Scofield
Joe Mulcare
Shay Mendes
Beth Briggs
Peter Johnson
Ying Malady
Michael McPhee
Shelly Price
Michelle Liles
Gilbert Gray
Lee Forbes-Belue
Benjamin Iles
Kevin Wessels
Staci Rivero
Michael Emerling
Laura McCrain
Alicia Milner
Jason Cox
Kiran Hanumaiah
Ryan Davis
Greg Myers
Amy Young
Rick Sanford
David Milner
Beth Rice
Sue Neurath
David Mclean
Dan Forbes
Gretchen Sparling
Jonathan Sparling
Jodi Harbin
Andrew Kelly
Billy Malady
Lisa Arnold
Jared Reynolds
Alan Jaques
Sal Coll Coll
Andon Briggs
Kelley Hill
Amy Wolanski
Linda Scavarda
Greg Sisengrath
Janice Anderson
Michael Buckelew
Kelli Sliwinski
Sally Evenden
Kirk Childs
Gregory Isaac
Mike Youngblood
Sulaiman Seriki
Ron Poore
Edward Lent
Shelton Ansley
Nancy Lewis
Enid Gonzalez
Chuck Fogg
Brad Liles
Jim Tom Stimpson
Beth Campbell
Holly Klein
Will Barnwell
Michelle Blackard
Leslie Howard
Lisa Becht
David Gaynoe
Brooke McClanahan
Leah Jones
Kathy Smith
Aj Wolfe
Chad Helberg
Cathi Cannon
Robert Lewis
Justin Hiday
Samantha Hoffman
Adrian Hall
Tim Waz
Philip Zimmerman
Pablo Medina
Brian Novak
Robert Kulisek
James Holland
Andrew Shannon
Trapper Pressler
Malinda Honkus
Thomas Booker
John Prevost
Robert Lewellen
Heidi Dawson
Javier De Jesus
Heather Kw Brown
Theresa Saupe
William Payne
John Brower
Doug Swiggum
Kenneth Sholes
Johnathon Roberts
Ron Hart
Tony Owens
Josh Kring
Leslie Becht
Drew Marlar
Robert Weatherwax
Karen Martin
Akseli Hepo-Oja
Rob Kennedy
Charles Flanigan Jr
Richard Williams
Dat Duong
Matthew Adams
Troy Pruett
Jeremy Wadkins
Josh Hite
Justin Keller
David Plank
Natalie Sims
Don Mouledoux
Joe Fejes
Kevin Boucher
Andrew Orr
William Brown
Annette Bednosky
Michael Scherzer
Marcus Farris
Brad Reed
Ryan Geers
Sheridan Ames
John Wiygul
Matt Sims
Chad Wamack
Sarah Woerner
Theodore Towse
Eric Loffland
Brian Williams
Feb Boswell
Rob Youngren
Brandon Mader
Ashly Dewberry
David Workman
Daniel Hamilton
Daniel Mueller