The Gibbet:

Date: 2012-10-13
Location: Virginia Beach, VA
Sport: UltraRunning
Distance: 50m
Description: Using all marked trails throughout First Landing State
Park, runners will make two full loops.  Trails are primarily flat with varying terrain,
i.e., sand, pine needles, wooden bridges, tree roots. Mostly runnable, there
are a few sections that have technical short steep hills. Stunning water and
trails views along the way. Terrain: 95% trail, 5% road

Race Director: Brenda Carawan

Result for 2011

Rick Richter
Thomas Corso
Justin Lightner
Kelley Fitzsimmons
John Price
Susan Schmelzer
Frank Rodriguez
Ellen Womeldorf
Brittany Klimowicz
David MacLuskie
Tom Daniels
Jon Elder
Joe Del Conte
Carlton McFaden
Matthew Kudla
Steve Speirs
Wanda Renner
Scott Joyner
William Dungan
Tammy Cucca
Carol Wade
Molly Rogers
Ken Hubbard
Chris Davidson
Hompeng Komthirath
Amy Randolph
Tom Randolph
Kathy Headlee
Trevor Hall
Quentin Quin
Greg Smith
Michael Walz
Mark Manny
Shawn McDermott