World 50km Trophy Final:

Date: 2010-08-29
Location: Galway, Ireland
Sport: UltraRunning
Distance: 50k
The 50km participants will run the entire Galway City Marathon course and then continue to do four short loops of the city centre streets on the course depicted below. The race will also finish at Galway Harbour, although at a different location to the marathon finish line.
Race Director: 

Result for 2010

Collen Makaza
Sandile Ngunuzza
Kaito Iwayama
Lucas Nonyana
Joseph Mphuthi
Evgenii Glyva
Julian Rendall
Ralf Preibish
Susan Harrison
Andrea Anselmi
Tim Doran
Irene Kalter
Helen Taranowski
Karen Rushton
June Petrie
Lesley Train
MalcolmL Gamble
Michael O'Loughlin
Tressa Lindenberg
Colman Greene
Jen Salter
PeterL Osbourne
Aidan Blake