Buckeye Endurance Run:

Date: 2011-09-03
Location: Buckeye, AZ
Sport: UltraRunning
Distance: 100m,100k,50m
Description: The race route is a USATF-certified 500-meter running path around the perimeter of the manor, that Rodger Wrublik built in 2003. The track averages eight feet in width, and the surface is mostly well-packed crushed gravel, ideal for running. Gaiters are recommended. There are permanent restrooms and a shower on site.
Race Director: Nick Coury

Result for 2010

Michael Miller
Pat Shannon
Deborah Hamberlin
Ronald Lepine
Jule Strom
Karl Michel
Jeff Strom
Karen Vollan
Christopher Buell
Marty Coffey
Kate Bowers
Betty Smith
Eric Glass
Thomas Polen
Joe Galope
Steve Boone
Kimberly Miller
Michael Hildick
Hal Gensler
Ian Keen
Giridar Gajapathy
Richard McKnight
Tamas Varga
Paul Kramer
Kenneth Roberts
Deborah Goodwin
Jeffrey Bott
Timothy Lubbers
John Wog
Keith Rieger
Charles Hammer
Vincent Antunez
Richard Vogt
Laurence Macon
Yolanda Holder
Blaise Supler
Mark Robeson
Carl Jess
Alicia Robeson
Donald Pemberton
Ed Ettinghausen