Lynchs Woods 24-Hour Run:

Date: 2010-04-17
Location: Newberry, SC
Sport: UltraRunning
Distance: 24h
Description: The course will be a 10 mile loop made up of a 4.3 mile loop on a hilly dirt road and a 5.7 mile loop of winding, hilly, shaded single-track trail complete with rocks, roots, and stream crossings. After each loop, runners will pass by the picnic shelter where there will be a fully-stocked aid station
Race Director: Terri Hayes

Result for 2010

Greg Myers
Aaron Ligon
Martin Carmichael
Ernest Cornell
Matthew Armstrong
Brendan Maunsell
Scott Roark
Tim Marquardt
Larry Macon
Gene Bruckert
Paul Gordon
Joshua Swink
Justin Weber
Dave Wood
Andy Gordon
Mike Riggins
Grant Hursey
Brian Kistner
Mike Domin
Charlie Possee
John Anastos
David Mickelsen
Mike Hoskins
Marion Hoffman
John Gordon
John Hoffman
Lester Farmer
Wayne Downey
Joseph Anastos
Susan Rosenhauer
Kelsey Thurk
Thomas Nagies
Marit Janse
Doug Failla
Jay Finkle
Christopher White
Alan Buckner
Brandon Boger
Jason Sullivan
Terry Foxworth
Christian Griffith
Doug Cassiday
Chad Henderson
Denise Davis
Terri Hayes
Anita Finkle
Jennifer Ford
Raye Winsor
Samantha Weigand
Abigail Meadows
Jill Floyd
Angela Ivory
Karen Fechter
Stephannie Nelson
Sherri Marie Carr
Joy Watson
Ellen Morris
Kim Gordon
Brooke Miller