Tumbleweed 12 Hour :

Date: 2010-01-30
Location: Mesquite, NM
Sport: UltraRunning
Distance: 12h
Description: Run/ walk as many miles as you can or want in 12 hours. Course long (6 to 11 mile) out and backs in several directions for first 25 miles, then on to scenic 4 mile loop, finally last few hours to 1.75=
 mile out and back (each 1/4 mile marked).  Very similar to 2009 course.
Mostly single-track trails, some old jeep roads.
Elev. 4,200-5,000 ft.
Water and other drinks/ snacks along course every few miles.  Door prizes.
Meal in town afterwards.

Race Director: Mark Dorion

Result for 2010

Tom Alford
Greg Helbig
Leif Seed
Leo Lavender
Mark Dorion
Ed Furtaw
Louie Telles
Richard Harris