Devil Mountain Ultra:

Date: 2015-08-22
Location: Pagosa Springs, CO
Sport: UltraRunning
Distance: 50m,50k
Description: 8:00am, Killer trail race, deep in Colorados old growth forests. The leaves will be totally tuned up and changing, the weather will be cool and the trails will be in prime condition! big climbs, high elevations and a hell of a lot of single track through some of the regions old growth forests. Beautiful, remote and the perfect way to wrap up the Ultra Season.  More than 6,500 ft of climbing on epic mountain trail.  2 135 Country Center Dr. No.223, 303 4756053
Race Director: morgan murri

Result for 2013

G Anthony Kunkel
Doug Newton
Betsy Kalmeyer
David Mierzejewski
Jessie Whittaker
Nic Martin
Joy Morris
Kevin Sturmer
Nathaniel Draeger
William Dillon
Dustin Luhrs
Craig Hilton
Stephen Stockhausen
Jimmy Howe
Gregory Leblanc
Michael Robbert
Jp Lande
Elizabeth Campagna
Robbie Pike
Rebecca Lewandowski
Shaun Smith
Eric Goltz
Shea Rivers
Brad Kautz
Brian Greenleaf
Timothy Slape
Susan Powers
Nicki Alley
Dennis Callahan
Kathryn Damby
Khristopher Dunham
William Roseman
Bob Batzer
Joshua Mcdonald
Carly Rietmann
Benjamin Downey
Rebecca Downey
Kirstin Nelson
Rebecca Yore
Scott Slind
Lauren Ross
Chris Baca
Beth Beazley
Ed Roberson
Jennifer Ryan
Andrew Seidel
Brent Connell
Anna Boven
Ed Furtaw
Joshua Friedrichs
Larry Boven
Stephen Morgan
Jennifer Smith
Mary Kuehster
Sabrina Ruiz