Sweaty Butt 50k (Fat Ass):

Date: 2009-07-04
Location: Umstead State Park, Cary, NC
Sport: UltraRunning
Distance: 50k
Description: The course is 99% single track. Most of the trails are VERY rooty and rocky. There will be three laps, with water and self-aid available at the beginning and mid-point of each lap. The course starts at the Harrison (I-40) parking lot and encompasses all of the Company Mill and most of the Sycamore trails. There will be water and self-aid available at the Horse parking lot, which is available via a short spur off the Sycamore trail. There will be a lot of horse flies, possibly some stinging wasps, and possibly some snakes. It will be HOT. There is a limit of 30 runners. This is a training run with no fees, no support, and no awards. We will start at 7am and everyone needs to complete the course by 5 pm. 
Race Director: 

Result for 2008

Jeff Branin
Lauri Fauerbach Adams
Lisa Feutz
Kendel Prescott
Cameron Kelly
Mike Day
Scott Mcculloch
Fank Lilley
Bill Johncock
Jeff Dufour
Frank Maguire
Tom Herbst
Fred Dummar
Lisa Wilber
Susan Dummar
David Solomon
Tom Gerhardt
Evan Serpa
Tyler Peek
William Burns
Drake Johncock