The Wildest Run in the West:

Date: 2010-08-14
Location: French Meadow, CA
Sport: UltraRunning
Distance: 100k
Description: follows a large portion of the legendary Western State Endurance Run. Race begins at the McGuire Boat Ramp at French Meadows Reservoir and ends at Memorial Park in Foresthill. Runners must have completed at least one trail 50 mile or longer race within the last two years
Race Director: 

Result for 2008

Jim Hopkins
Roger Jensen
Dennis Conner
David Whitman
James Hoehn
Tricia Godtfredsen
Linda Hurd
Jacklyn Gates
Karen Bonnet
Chad Long
Karl Hoagland
Terry Kalb
Tom Harper
Dan Anderson
Thomas Williams
Monica Moore
Jerome Lourme
Charles Godtfredsen
Mark Nassi
Georganna Quarles
Gregory Holmes
David La Duc
Carson Teasley
Scott Laberge
Scott Glogovac
Alex Danner
Clare Abram
John Nichols