Barkley Marathons:

Date: 2017-04-01
Location: Frozen Head State Park, TN
Sport: UltraRunning
Distance: 100m,60m
Description: Meaningless Suffering Without A Point. The entry procedure is secret. There is no official website. This is not the official website. It is not listed on any calendar. You have to email the race director on a certain day of the year. The race will fill up on that day. GPS devices during the event are forbidden, and being on some parts of the course outside of the event are forbidden.
Race Director: Gary (Laz) Cantrell

Result for 2017

Gina Fiorini
Dewayne Satterfield
Hiram Rogers
Wen Hsiao Chiu
Ed Thomas
Adam Lint
Kathleen Cusick
Henry Wakley
Arthus Guillaume
Jason Lantz
Seth Wolpin
Dale Holdaway
Megan Farrell
Michael Versteeg
Brandon Stapanowich
Heather Anderson
Scott Breeden
Erik Storheim
Mikael Heerman
Jamil Coury
Rob Youngren
Sean Ranney
Benoit Laval
John Kelly
Gary Robbins
Johan Steene